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Our auto stickers are offered in various sizes, materials and formats. They are printed on durable white, clear or metallic vinyl with UV or eco-solvent inks. Many of these items feature additional highlights and/or embossing.

These stickers are good for use indoors or outdoors. They are most suitable for vehicle windows and will look great when applied to a clean, dry surface. The colour should remain vibrant for 12 months or more under normal conditions.

These stickers are not suitable for removal and re-applying.

Our wall stickers are printed on clear, low-tac vinyl with vibrant colours and will look great on most walls. These stickers will lose their tac when removed and are not suitable for removal and re-applying.

The wall stickers will not adhere well to rough, soiled, damp walls or walls coated with paints containing high levels of silicon or Teflon (stain resistant paints).

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